So you all know that we have made a few posts about westland and how you can earn a lot more money with westland, but what do the people say that have made an investment being recruited from us?

For security we wont disclose any names in this post in case none of them want their name on here or other reasons for not being followed by bad people who just want to steal their money.

So first what do most of the people invest as a first time with the min of $20 investment? Most of our investors first investment is about the $100 to $1000 worth of investments into any of the supported coins on the site but mostly bitcoin and litecoin and some of the investors first encounter with crypto over all even tho they could have used Advcash and invest fiat instead.

The very first person i got to invest was a good friend of mine that invested 1000 euro worth of bitcoin into westland and he have already grown his investment to be $1500 gaining now $15 a day from his investment and if he keeps going to the wanted about that is $70 a day he will be on $7000 and he can reach that faster and faster by reinvesting his earnings already.

I know that he is glad for doing this and so is all the other investors i have spoken with because they are now part of the $50.2 million that westland storage will be paying out alone in 2018 and hopefully much bigger in 2019 since more and more investors join everyday to invest their money into the company to make a living from owning a share of westland storage.

So if you have min $20 and want to invest but aren’t sure how it all work then contact me and i will help you to start because i know that the $20 alone will pay out everyday way more then any PTC or faucet site ever will do everyday.

But just in case we have added a how to invest in westland storage below when you have made an account.

  1. When you have signed up on the website please click on deposit button on the site

2. There will now open a popup where you can choose the way you want to invest, if you invest with crypto you will need to write in the amount of crypto they will receive after blockchain fees are paid and not in dollars unless you invest with advcash. Remember you can get 10% more using code Stuffwls

3. You will then receive a wallet address you will need to deposit 0.5 BTC if thats what you invest but make sure that the 0.5 BTC is what they receive since the system can fail if they get less then what you write in into the add funds because some websites take the network fee from the amount you send and not from your wallet so if it does that please add the fee to the 0.5 BTC so they will get the 0.5 BTC after the fee.

4. Now you just gotta wait for the system to approve your investment and if you have done it right it can take 12 to 24 hours and sometimes even go much faster.

5. Now you can use your time and inviting more investors to westland storage and earn much more and keep reinvesting your return to get a bigger return.

You can join westland clicking any of the links in the post or click here:

By clicking any of the links you will support charity with 75% of the amount we get from your investment.




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