Cryptolux is a trading company where you wont have to do the trading your self. They borrow your bitcoin for 100 days and double your bitcoin from that. This is a min investment of $10 and considering the price of bitcoin $10 worth of bitcoin right now could be a lot more in 100 days when the bitcoin price goes up again so it wouldn’t bee a bad investment

Cryptolux as i said is a trading company that HODL bitcoin or other crypto coins that is invested in the company like ETH and LTC.

They do the hard work and pay you the amount no matter how the market goes and it has proven that Cryptolux has found a good business model that people like.

People have so far made investments over $10 million dollars worth of crypto and still growing with the time passing.

I have my self put bitcoin into this company and have been paid out more then $100 worth just for doing a $10 investment and reinvesting that again to i hit the $100 worth of Bitcoin.

This is a great way for people with not so much money to start getting into bitcoin and earning more, beside there is no limit on how many times you can reinvest what you get so in the end you could earn so much money from reinvesting again and again.

Cryptolux have been under our rader since the ICO in the start of this year and we have given it the aproval and know this is a very good company for people that just want to start.

If you want to invest $10 then feel free to click any names on this post or CLICK HERE to join Cryptolux and start earning money!


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