What is the Coinbase effect? The coinbase effect is something that happens to a coin or token that has been said is one of the coins that coinbase is looking into adding to their exchange and it makes the coin or token grow insanely high like it did for BAT that have grown over 100% this year alone where most was after it was said possible to be added to coinbase.

Coinbase is looking into adding more and more coins and tokens to its service and have alone this year added 2 new coins and we most likely gonna see a lot more if not in 2018 then 2019.

Its a good idea to keep an eye out for the coinbase blog to see what coins they will add and invest some money into those coins and tokens since they could give you a lot of money in the end when its added to coinbase.

When all that is said it would be a very great idea to sign up at coinbase so you can sell you coins and tokens really easy with just  a few clicks.

So if you havn’t joined coinbase yet please Click here and join coinbase and get your account verified so its ready to sell your investment and earn money from it.


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