So this is a little different from what we normally post on here, but this is just so good that we needed to write about this coin that is the most profitable coin for low end computers when it comes to mining.

This coin is worth more then dogecoin and is much more easy to mine then any coin out there. This coin is browser mined and pay out whole coins instead of smaller amounts like other coins do.

I have been mining JSECoin for 6 days now and i almost have 160 JSEcoins already and that is worth almost 100,000 satoshi bitcoin and you can do this with even the worst computer, so if you do not have the best computer dont worry, this coin is for sure for you.

I have been running the JSECoin desktop application since start on fullpower and it really havn’t changed my ability to watch youtube, streams and even play games while doing this so .

JSECoin want to simplify Crypto, commerce, mining and user adoption all trough your browser. JSECoin also claim that its better for the environment because of the less amount of power it use to mine its coins where a lot of coins use the amount of power as a whole country like bitcoin.

JSECoin is listed on exchanges and marketcaps so its a coin you can mine and exchange to other coins without the biggest amount of work from your side.

For Website owners

As you might seen when you enter this website a small box comes up and ask if you want to opt-in on helping us mine this coin with a small amount of your computer power while you are browsing our website, but don’t worry you wont ever feel it if you opt-in.

Website owners can add a small scripting code in the header of their website that you can get from your JSECoin account that will give you 2 coins per opt-ins and what ever the opt-inner mine while being on your website.

This script is not reported as a virus by any anti virus also because it needs the users permission to mine so this is a good way for website owners to gain a little more when the advertising aren’t paying enough money.

Every user that opt-in gain you 2 coins as said that is worth 1200 satoshi all together so 20,000 visits could give you 40,000 coins just from opt-ins and that will be worth 0.24 BTC all together.

So if you like what you see you could join by clicking HERE


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