We continue to tell you about the future plans of our company and reveal the secrets hidden in the published Road Map. Today we will discuss WLS City, and tell you what it is and what stages have already been overcome.


WLS City is a new project of our company, the purpose of which is to restore non-liquid real estate in the United States, Hong Kong and Australia, its further sale or lease for small and medium businesses. After all, these real estate assets have more than 10 trillion dollars not involved in the economy.


Thus, we set ourselves the goal of returning illiquid real estate to market, thus solving one of its most important problems. Realization of this goal is possible due to DiceLand technology and additional algorithms developed specially for this project.

The properties will be serviced by our company, and we will also provide to tenants opportunity about using DiceLand technology for online-oriented facilities with the technical support of our specialists. After all, DiceLand technology is applicable not only in real estate, but can be modernized for almost any kind of activity.


And thanks to the provision of ready-made infrastructure and software, any facilities have the opportunity to avoid financial costs and expenses.

Work on the project has already begun and the first stage is completed! We have already established subsidiaries in the USA, Hong Kong and Australia, and have begun to build the necessary infrastructure. And in the 1st quarter of 2019 the project development will be completed!


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Join and become part of the WestLand Storage future innovative cities!



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