Coinbase is one of the oldest cloud wallets out there and it support most of the big crypto coins like bitcoin and ethereum and supports 6 coins at the time this post is written. There is more coin on the way to be supported by coinbase after being in the field for so many years and they have alone this year added ethereum classic and 0x to its list with many more to come in 2019.

Many of the coins that they have been talking about adding have grown a lot since the announcement of what coins they where looking into adding to the site so this is one more reason for you to sign up with coinbase and be ready for the coins to come out on one of the biggest exchanges and wallets in the crypto world.

Coinbase is also a very fast exchange that allow you to buy and sell crypto with just a few clicks and let you pay out to your bank account where many exchanges is peer to peer between users and usually take a bit longer. So you can easy sell your bitcoin and buy litecoin after with coinbase if you wanna do that.

I really hope that coinbase will be adding a coin like dogecoin now that they are merging network with Ethereum and makes it so much faster then it already are and kinda make it somewhat close to what ethereum is and should fit coinbase really well.

Coinbase do also support Commerce for your website if you want to start accepting crypto as a payment or you can start accepting donations with the system as well. you can try out the button below for donations. All donations given from there is given to Cancer research.




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