Well i was asked to make a list of marketcap sites where you can check the different coins and how they have been doing over a time frame, but i do not see why i should make a full list of them when i just could post one link to an amazing site that let you do everything you need to see how its doing.

i’m using the website Coingecko.com to check everything i need and check price when i need to order some crypto with their converter from crypto to USD.

I know that there is a lot of sites out there that let you see these kind of things, but honestly this site let you check so much more and is so different from the rest of the market cap sites out there.

Its important to make it easy for your self when you are working with crypto and when you have to check the charts to try see where its going and if its a good investment in the long run.

Anyway just wanted to post this little text today to let you know what i am using of market caps sites to check everything i need and hopefully it have helped you.


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