So this post is here to help people what Westland storage is and why its a good investment to do. This is in no way a sponsored or paid promotion i just support this company and what it stand for.

Westland Storage is a big real estate operation with offices in over 6 major city’s around the world and still growing together with the amount of people joining the network.

Westland storage is one of the biggest crypto backed company’s out there started on an ICO some time ago.


How does it work ?


There is really not a whole lot to how westland storage works, all you need to do is invest your crypto like bitcoin into the company and then Westland Storage will buy real estate for your investment and rent out the property to a costumer which will be paying you the 1% daily as a thanks for helping the company grow to the state it is.

Westland Storage is rewarding its users for investing more and more into the company as well gaining the company more investors. They have a level system going up to 6 different stages where you gain 0.1% more a day for each level, but to gain 1.6% you would need to invest $500,000 or gain $500,000 from the investors you gain the company it self, but don’t worry to gain the first level you only need to invest $1000 or gain it from inviting investors to the company.

Westland Storage do also reward its users in other ways to give the investors something to do, like they do often have competitions where you need to do a task to be able to win a part of the price and here they often give away up to $50,000 prices to add to your investment.

Beside that do they have a bounty program that reward you WLS tokens that payout 0.1% of your amount of WLS everyday that you can get paid out in any of the supported crypto coins. In this case 1 WLS is $1 so its easy to deal with it.

Its really unlimited how many WLS tokens you can get since you will always get 10 WLS tokens from every new investor you gain the company beside the 10% you gain on the first investment they make and on every withdrawal they make from westland storage.

The bounty program reward you will WLS just by sharing to twitter and facebook and is not needed to gain any signups before you are rewarded by westland storage to your account.


What coins do i have invested in the company ?

I have all kind of coins invested into Westland Storage and that includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ethereum classic even tho i would love to soon invest 1 million dogecoin into westland storage because of its growth lately with the news about a network merge with ethereum because that could in the end give more then $10,000 a day if dogecoin reach over $1 for one coin when the new network is out.

So why wait to get a cut of the cake ? why not get started with Westland Storage now ? You wont regret it i can promise you that!



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