Atomic wallet is publishing their own token and letting new members get 25 free token using a promo code given by another atomic Wallet user. Its the only way to get the 25 tokens.

We have a code for you that you can use to get the first 25 tokens when the token is live.

Code: SKKB9

This code will give you 25 AWC tokens into your atomic wallet when its live. You will get the option to use the code when you have installed your atomic wallet and gone to the Airdrop section of the wallet, you should find the place to put the promo code there.

After that will you be able to write in your email and get your own code and start earning AWC for each users you get to sign up and use the code that you got from it. A good idea is to use a gmail for this since we first tried with hotmail and the email got put as fraud for some reason.


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