While we still work hard on helping our readers to earn more money we also work hard on developing coininvestor.pw to be something bigger and more rewarding for our users. We are trying to figure out a new system that somehow could work out and reward our users with just more then one coin / token.

We have been around on if we somehow can use the different blockchain nodes to make something or make a fully new coin with a new blockchain that either stand alone or will work together with the other blockchains to help users get rewarded to get started in the world of crypto or earn more.

There is so many possible ways for this to go about and if we are to develop a fully new blockchain we will make it possible to buy the coin aswell beside making it possible to get the coin as an reward to get started.

None of these ideas will be cheap and will take a lot of time to get made and why we are making this post to get your input and help to get this blockchain made.


  • Very fast transactions
  • Very small fee to non fee at all
  • Mineable
  • Fast wallet to blockchain load (so if getting the wallet a few years later it wont take full days to download the blockchain)
  • Exhcange listing
  • Market listing
  • and so much more

Users that help us with getting this started will get a an extra reward that contains an amount of the new coin.

There is different ways for you to help us get started by pointing us in the direction of amazing tools and or blockchain developers with a good background in the field or at last give a small donation to get started to pay the development.

Donators can be “Written” up to get the coin when its out, all they need to do is write an email to us on admin@coininvestor.pw with the used address to send from and the TX link of the transaction.

Ways to donate

Zcash: t1LsmBf8AyJq5QUDZaExCSPAXWGj7sobrA6

Ethereum: 0x6460AC89A9b9d861C2211081b2B79f69f10C129F

Ethereum Classic: 0x6460AC89A9b9d861C2211081b2B79f69f10C129F

Tron: TFxxUbb2igjBHeQ1HxFgKgZE7yosH85iCb

Ripple: rUgnj3aHzq8H3ofGEtYcGaqetPAvk3PPLb

Bitcoin: 1JC6s8RyHuVM8RJu7Rh839Wux1H2bVwNxT


Bitcoin Cash: bitcoincash:qqj4ac6klm6ghc8ku53ly3fwrpnjkv88ac04ucd2yw

Litecoin: Lbu8Bnkp7MJEB8ksrc34Wwz9obeT6jmXDc

Digibyte: DRsNByhimwXACbDL1x49tNjANsqxYb1fwx


Qtum: QRCvaXFpQWfboyeuZFpc3Rrv4mLJNmEjc8

TokenPay: TLgQC9vF2ofZ2EbdZGrcMiG6xQhxVf2gCw

Bitcoin Gold: GTeoisp1AQ7t3j5dmgmuvDdGVbpJR3b2do

DOGE: DCeviGVcndAYSBbT68btMo7vqkCGyRw6W6

Decred: DsixP5cMwVdYdMRnCnso6WntAn53Zq1fXXC

Smartcash: SexiWmEXxPbwnjShM1wyqUZxY8szczo3Lt

Tezos: tz1ZWZh7RFGVHfzDv1XhZyAXxm2vXJTFfdJK

Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhshtqYVsdUenr8oqegPxYyteAThHWAq9nmjsKjoFdHMBK2QNhVkx5TxkvBzJ2FwxtoxtHRXad3NwhYnkJZLMepttZooG8DY

Bitcoin Diamond: 1CSzCaZMrHuLfCYjAo8BYvfZsrXsNRST9E

BAT: 0x6460AC89A9b9d861C2211081b2B79f69f10C129F

SALT: 0x6460AC89A9b9d861C2211081b2B79f69f10C129F

EnjinCoin: 0x6460AC89A9b9d861C2211081b2B79f69f10C129F

Again when you have sent an amount no matter how big to any of the addresses please send an email to admin@coininvestor.pw with the title “Blockchain” that include the addresse you send from and the TX Link to Confirm your donation and we will write you up a safe place with the amount and contact details so we can reach you when the blockchain is up and running and give you the amount of coins.

The bigger the donation the bigger amount of coins you will be rewarded in the end.

Also if you are a business and want to work together on this project please also write an email to admin@coininvestor.pw and lets talk about how we can help each other.

If we hasn’t replied within 3 days then don’t worry, we are just a little more busy but will reply as soon as possible.


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