Its that time of the month where we really want to give an update on whats going on within

We are hard at work as always to improve the site and its content for its readers.

We are right now mostly working on a activity system that allow readers with an account on the site to earn points for being active that they later on can use to buy crypto on the site and paid out to any wallet they want.

This kinda works like the reward apps you can download for your phone and earn paypal cash and all that where we do not force you to watch videos and download apps but just being active on the site.

We will be calling the points Satoshi since one point is worth 1 satoshi BTC. Tho the system do have some limits so people just cant spam a lot of comments and such so you can only earn points from 10 legit comments.

Please that just write stupid comments or spammish comments to earn wwill be banned from earning points on the site or worse being reset to 0 points.

We will with time add more point futures into the system the bigger it gets like discount codes for the shop and earn points for sharing content to your social networks and all that kind of things that could boost your points.

Beside the point system are we “hireing” new writers and content sharing people that wanna help other people earning money.

You can find out more on our job page that you can find in the footer of the website.


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