So are you really tired of having to claim every hour to gain a very small amount of crypto not really worth your time and it will take years to reach just 1 coin ? Well thats why we have worked hard on finding all the best Faucets that let you pay out to any wallet you want and do not need any Micro wallet like faucethub to claim.

You can just go to the faucet page in the menu and see our full list including all kind of tokens and stuff beside bitcoin, litecoin and Ethereum. You can find Faucet for Tron, Cadarno, Decred and many other coins and tokens that you can’t get with any micro wallet.

These Faucets are made to be able to use any wallet address for the coin you want to claim so you wont need Faucethub account or any micro wallet. Some of the faucets also comes with extra ways to earn more like giveaways and ticket system for each claim you make you get a ticket to win an amount.

Some of the faucets let you get up to 3 LTC and some 44 ETN and other up to $300 worth of some other coin but either way your chance of winning these high once are low the min pay is still high enough to reach min payout amount to your address in no time.

The Faucets that we really like is shown with a image banner and the rest that we also like but a little less is in a table with the kind of coin/token and time and a link to the faucet so you can start claiming from the faucet.

For people who doesn’t know what a Crypto faucet is then you will get a little information here about it. A crypto faucet is a website that let you claim a small amount of Crypto that is preset by the faucet owner to give you an random or fixed amount for watching the advertising on the website so the site can go on giving away crypto.


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