I have added a lot of list covering different legit sites for PTC, wallets, exchanges and investing. I will be working on adding a lot more sites to those list so you always will stay up to date with will help you earn more bitcoin and other crypto coins you could be interested in investing in or earning.

We already have our faucet list up and working and we will also be updating that list with time.

Here is the different pages where you can see the sites.

Wallets and Exchanges


PTC Sites

Cloud Mining

Remember to check these sites with time since we will be adding more legit sites to them so you always can be sure you wont be scammed and lose your money.

If you have legit sites that we do not have on the lists please feel free to comment with your affiliate link that we will sign up with so you will get a cut all the affiliate earnings we will be making from the links.

Again please share this post and help us grow the amount we can donate to charity!


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