Much doge much invest. Jokes aside, in this post we will talk about why investing in dogecoin could be the best thing you every could do in 2018.

Not long ago did it become known that dogecoin and ethereum will merge network so dogecoin transactions will now be much faster in the future when they publish the new network to the public. Beside that have the founder of dogecoin had some talks with the owner of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk and that have also given the coin some interest and made the coin go up with over 300% a few months before New Year.

Dogecoin is laying just short of $0.01 now way before the new network is published to the public. Now think what could happen when the network is out, what if dogecoin would go over $1 per coin ? We believe it could and if you follow this you could be rich when it happens.

So if you happened to buy 1,000,000 dogecoin right now and invested in  them into, lets say Westland storage, you would make 10,000 dogecoin back a day and if the dogecoin just hit $1 that would be $10,000 a day for investing right, but we know its not everyone that could buy dogecoin for over $6,000 to do that, so it was just an eg on how it could work.


Now how can you buy dogecoin ? because its really not many places that sell dogecoin, but dont worry we have found the two best places to buy dogecoin from and not worry about getting scammed.

  1. LiteBite
  2. Anycoin

These two have been around for a while now and are the two most trusted dogecoin sellers out there, and they do not only sell dogecoin so you have a lot of options to buy and sell all kind of coins on these two sites.


Dogecoin (DOGE)

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