Are you tired of all the work it takes to buy and sell Crypto ? well if you answered yes this app is for you. Even tho this company do might not operate in your country or doesn’t have all features available in your country yet so please check the blog of theirs before you sign up and verify your self.

Wirexapp let you fill up your Visa card with your local card and from there buy Bitcoin, litecoin ether and Ripple at this moment but more to come later on. If you earn a lot of crypto from other things you can send any crypto to them and exchange it into the supported cryptos they have and exchange them to your visa card you gotten from them and use the money in stores and online.

WireX reward you with 0.5% of the amount you pay with in stores in satoshi that you can claim into your bitcoin wallet and later on exchange to your visa card or transfer to an other bitcoin wallet.

WireX so far have visa cards in the fiat Euro, GBP and USD so you somewhat can have it in your local fiat.

Hope this helped you and if you are ready to join WireX just click any of the names in the post


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