Bitcoin is one of the most expensive coin out there to this date and its the only one that have been close to hit $20,000 but the question now is if professionals are right about it hitting the $25,000 in the end of this year.

Even tho its their second guess since they first guessed it would hit $50,000 in the end of 2018. But at this point i really think they are just coming up with numbers that they hope it would hit and not actually watching the market for what it really is.

I really have my doubts about it getting anywhere near this amount unless a miracle would happen anytime soon.

If i should take a guess from what i’ve seen so far i wouldn’t think we would reach more then $8000 before we hit new year if we are lucky enough.


Bitcoin (BTC)

$ 3,619.40


What would i do with bitcoin ?

I have invested all my bitcoin to make sure that i will have a lot more of it for the day it will hit $25,000 but again i still don’t think it will be in 2018.

No matter how much i invest i know that after 200 days will they be the double amount of what i invested.

So if bitcoin would hit $25,000 200 days from now i would have made more then double the profit because not only did i invest my bitcoin long ago so i’m far past the 200 days but i also paid under $7000 mark for my bitcoin.

You could invest $200 right now in Westland and gain 1% daily for life which is way better then any bank would give you on a year for that low amount of money.

So if i where you i would get as much bitcoin i could afford now while its under $7000 and put it into Westland so you will have the double amount or more when bitcoin grows a lot more.

This could be the best bitcoin investment for everyone that really want to earn more, because Hodl can’t even earn you this much in 200 days.


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