Exchanges are the most secure way to get bitcoin and why is that ? Well most exchanges act like a middle man between the seller and buyer and some exchanges sell bitcoin directly like coinbase is doing.

Sadly even tho there is these exchanges around do people still either not know about it or just love losing money to scammers.

Scammers usually want you to go first and if you are the buyer and you end up sending them money or other sort of crypto and they just block you when they have received it and you have done nothing else but losing your money.

Now lets talk about the use of paypal without an exchange. Paypal is the most used company for scams because not every person know how paypal works and falls for the most commen one where the scammer send you a invoice that looks like u are getting money into your paypal. But when u have send the bitcoin u find out that it wasn’t real and u just lost $100 worth of bitcoin to a scammer.

For the love of god always use an exchange no matter about fee’s and such, that fee help you keep the site up and keep giving you the security of every trade so why not just pay the 50 cent it might cost instead of losing $100 to a scammer ?

So now i have been talking about why its best to use exchanges over not doing it, now the question is where can you buy/exchange your crypto ? I got the top 3 best places to exchange for bitcoin and fiat coins.

These 3 is the best places and most secure ways to exchange your bitcoin and fiat so now there is no excuse for losing your money.

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