Its really simple why so many people fail when they invest with the crypto they have into any website because its so damn hard to see whats legit and whats not legit. I don’t think i will lie if i say 1 out of a 100 sites are legit yet people fall for the same thing over and over again and that is that they are in a such a hurry to make money and when sites comes and promise 10% or 1000% a day from your investment they fall right in and lose money instead.

There is a reason why we made this site and that is to help people stop failing for these fake sites. We are a team of people that know what they are doing when it comes to investing and also people who work with anti fraud and help us pick sites out for testing that they aren’t sure about because there is not enough proof if it could be a scam or not.

All the people who work on this site works for the reason to help gain money for Charity and help people to stop losing money. You help donating to charity just by reading this blog because we do use affiliate links on everything we can and we do have banner ads and 75% of the money from all this goes to charity where the last 25% is used to pay the server cost and testing new sites so you won’t have to lose money.

All this is the reason why you guys are such a big part of this website being alive and we can keep doing this to help you and some charity that we decide needs the money the most that the site earns. This is also why every share the site gets our workflow gets bigger and give us more reason to keep going.

Everyone working on this project earn their money on the site no matter if its from investments or from their company or something else. We do not have a team page for security reasons and of respect of the people working on this project. The only name that is public is the project starter Casper Ledel.

We have given you so many tools to start investing or start for free or use your skill to gain investors as an affiliate so there is no reason not to get started.

You can check our legit sites where we list all from PTC sites to exchanges and many sites that are known to be legit.

You can also go the free way and check our faucet list that is not connected to any micro wallet and you can pay out to the wanted address and supports a lot of different altcoins as TRON eg, but also the normal coins bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum.

You can also just check the market for the top 50 coins out there by visting the market page.

We are here to help you so give it a share to help us help more people!


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