Well there is many good things about Ethereum Classic that could make one of the greatest investments you have will have done beside buying dogecoin. Ethereum Classic is first of all very cheap laying around the $10 at this time i’m writing this post.

Ethereum classic also run on a super fast network so it takes almost no time to be received from one wallet to an other wallet.

You can also invest it with our good friends at Westland Storage and grow the amount of Ethereum Classic you have. Just 100 ETC could give you 365 ETC a year and is 265 ETC profit the first year and you will be able to grow your amount of Ethereum classic very fast.

I’m sure that the coin could reach a good price in 2019 so now could be an amzing idea to to invest money into Ethereum Classic before the market goes up again and before you know it you could have over $100,000 worth of ETC for like a $1000 investment into ETC.

If you want to know good places you can buy Ethereum classic you will be able to find them on our Wallet and Exchange page where we are adding wallet services and exchanges that let you deal with crypto the easy way and fast.

My favorite is for sure coinbase since its so easy to use and you can buy and sell crypto with just a few clicks and now that they have started to add more and more coins and tokens to the websites where ETC is one of them they have added lately a few months ago.

Sadly do coinbase not support every country but you can find other wallets and exchanges on our list we made that do support you country for sure.

Now i will take a little time to thank you guys for taking part in the blog, we have already gotten 0.0004 BTC for Cancer research but is still far from the wanted amount we want to reach so please share this on any social networks you are a member of and help us reach 15.66 BTC for charity. This month is still Cancer research and this amount could help a great deal. Next month will be hospital clowns to help support the clowns that visit sick kids in the hospital and bring them a smile on their face.

Again thank you so much for being so supportive of the blog and i will keep on writing content for the blog that could help you in the future to earn more money and hopefully make a living.

I have a lot of friends that already have made a lot of money from the investments they made with my guiding into Westland storage for eg, so now its your turn to take the chance and put money into crypto and earn faster then if you used a faucet or other earning sites.



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