Why did we start coininvestor.pw ? Well its really simple why we did, we got tired of scammers and wanted to help people not to be scammed by all these scams out there on the internet.

We want to test and review sites before you put your money on the line and lose them, also why donations, banner advertising and affiliate profit is important for this site so we can keep on testing new sites.

On the same time will we try look at the market to see how it goes up and down and see if we can call where its gonna go so you can invest in the right coin at the right moment.

You can help us out in many ways to allow us to test a lot more websites. You can click any of our links within our posts and invest or buy with our links since we will get a cut that we will use to test more sites.

You can also go to our Donate page and donate what you can afford to since any amount help us grow the funding to test more and more sites for you.

Read our Profit Explainer

We want to keep helping you all with doing the right investment and stop losing money on stupid scams. If you like that please visit the website everyday since we will come up with a new post with something that could help you a lot more with not being scammed or earn money.


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