There is so many new sites pupping up everywhere on the internet where you can invest your bitcoin and get a lot in return, but are they really who they say they are ? I will give you an insight on what kind of websites you should stay away from when it comes to investing your crypto into a company.

Websites like the one you see an image of down below this text is a good example on a website you shouldn’t trust. There us no where a company will be able to give you 140% of your investment on 14 days. Its just a website where people put in your BTC and some are lucky to receive other peoples bitcoin that most likely will lose the money they put into the website.

This website say it will give you 10% daily for 14 days if you invest min 0.001 Bitcoin into the website. But it doesn’t say how it makes the profit like our friends at westland storage do. There is no way they can earn this kind of money from Hodl on 14 days time because the market is too unsure and mostly going down before it goes up to a normal stage again and from there they wouldn’t been able to make much profit from your bitcoin at all.

The same comes to bitcoin “generators” yea they generate bitcoins, but only for them self and i’m sure a lot of people who doesn’t know better about this kind of stuff have paid a small amount of bitcoin to get 2.5 Bitcoin in return.

My grandfather once told me no one give you more for less no one can ever afford to do so and he is right you can’t get instant 2.5 bitcoin for sending 0.02 bitcoin on mining and not even from generating because a bitcoin can’t be generated with the way the network works, bitcoin is one of the most secure ways to store money in all this world.

Same goes for mining websites that allow you a high pay from your investment and most of the time they wouldn’t even be able to do it even if they gave you 99% of what mining could give.

Now we are speaking mining, there is nothing called people that mining for you that say you have to invest your money and you can’t generate more money from adding money to a wallet unless you are hodling. Its a full out scam that people want you to think is possible and they will steal your money promising $2500 of bitcoin for your $50 worth of bitcoin.

Telegram bots is as fake as fake can become, they are just there to steal your money 99% of the time unless you use the company icenter which have been there for a while now and proven to be very very legit, so if you want to use them can you join them below this text

Icenter Litecoin

Icenter Ethereum

Icenter Bitcoin

Icenter Bitcoin Cash

With that said will we soon add a new page to the legit sites for telegram.

I have to be honest with you, it hurts me so much on the inside how blind people have become to whats fake and whats real because they are so busy to make a living from what they have and they fall for the same stupid scam everytime and no matter how much you say things it doesn’t seem to get to them. I’m mostly writing this post to hope that it someday would get to them and they will see how stupid they have been trusting all the fake people on Facebook and other  social networks and messenger apps.

So please listen to people that really want to help you not being scammed and that use a lot of time on looking trough everything for you working almost full time with it and everything will look so much better for you in the future!

Please share to help out people to not get scammed if not for supporting charity!




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