Atomic wallet is for sure something different from every other wallet service out there. Most wallets that are on your computer is just the standard looking wallet given by the coin it self, but atomic wallet is well designed and supports a lot of features and coins/tokens.

Atomic wallet supports a lot of coins and tokens on a very fast network. I have tried to pay out from Westland storage to Ethereum and almost had it instantly in my wallet and thats hella amazing speed compared to other wallets i’ve tried sending to.

Atomic wallet is full out anonymous since it does not use a login system like a website and only give you backup words and let you set a password on you wallet so no one but you can enter the wallet and send from it.

Atomic wallet have also added services to the wallet that let you exchange most coins with Shapeshift and Changelly so you easy can change bitcoin to litecoin or dogecoin for eg.

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You can also buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin from the wallet with the Simplex anti fraud system for a secure Visa or Mastercard payment.

You can see all the Assets they are supporting and what part of the system that does or doesn’t support the coins on the Assets page and you can also request a coin and they will most likely add it to the wallet service in the near future.

Atomic wallet do also now how their own Token sale going and you can earn either the coin with the wallet with giving out your own promo code and you will get 25 coins each time someone use that code when they start using the wallet.

You can also join the Bounty program and earn Ethereum directly into your Atomic wallet buy signing up following this link to the page and click on button under the Bounty campaign title.

You can also invest your money into the token and if thats what you want you can click the button on the left and start investing into the token.

This is far the best wallet i have ever used out of many wallets both on my phone and on my computer. So try it out you wont regret using this amazing wallet and easy to find out wallet.



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