Westland Storage has now added NEO to its investment opportunities as of 11 September. Coin to invest in real estate and earn a good sum of money. It is a good way to earn a lot of Neo if you happen to have many of them, because if you have 100 Neo and invest it in Westland Storage, you will make a full Neo weekday or even 1000 Neo and get 10 Neo everyday and already make more money than your job. If you do not have NEO, it may still be a great investment for you to put your money in, as it is located at $16 at the time when this post goes up, but if you're not sure where to buy NEO, you can buy it at Changelly and send it to your NEO Wallet. Whether the coin sometime in the future will cost up to $50, it would give you much more profit every day and especially if you invest 1000 NEO that would give you $500 a day and about $15,000 a month. So how do we get these figures? Well with looking at what Westland pays out of what we have invested, you need to move it two places back, so if you invest 2 Neo, you get 0.02 neo every day, so you can always calculate your earnings from your investment. Each coin has my investment, but NEO seems to support only investing 1 NEO, so you can start making if that's what you want and start your investment venture and start slowly earning more money and growing your asset. Right now it seems that Bitcoin will be the best investment, as you can quickly lose a lot of money when it crashes where you invest in small coins, you can only lose a small amount but earn you really well when it grows a lot. So what if one day grew to over $1000 dollars, then you would give over 500% profit and a really good return every single day from Westland Storage.


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