First of all i just wanna start out and say that Westland is having a contest where top 5 will share $100,000 prizepool. All you need to do is sign up on the website and invest the min amount of $20 or if you want to way more then that. Now when you are signed up you should go to the app store and download their app and login. Then start sharing from the mobile app and get as many investing people into westland.


So now what can you possible earn with Westland storage ? Honestly its up to you how much you can earn. If you wanna work for it could you make $5,000 to $10,000 a month just from getting people to join you and have them invest, if 5000 people joined you and invested $20 you would make $10,000 just that month so that was just with the lowest amount possible to invest in westland storage so what if the 5000 people inested anything between $20 and $100 that would get you closer to $10,000 to $50,000 just the first month.

Don’t you worry you will gain a bonus every time they withdraw again so you will always earn your affiliate bonus, beside if you made it to $50,000 just from inviting people you would gain the level Platinum that would give you 1.4% everyday for life so if you then invested the $50,000 you would be set for life with a monthly return over $12,000 just from that investment.

Also if you invest from the mobile app you will gain that westland storage made you will gain around 8% more on your investment for free beside any new investors joining with our link will get a free bonus of 10% on the investment and will not need a code even tho they could use Stuffwls for 10% more on the investment so that would be 20% in all plus 8 % from the mobile app so that would be 28% and would bring you $280 if you invested $1,000 first time.

So if you are ready to earn a lot of money with real estate  then join by clicking here and on the same time support charity with your investment or the people you get to join you and invest.

You will help so many people hit by cancer if you join with our link since we will donate all affiliate earnings to cancer research. We are trying to reach $100,000 that we can give to cancer research so we would love you if you shared this post with all your friends and social medias, does’t matter if its facebook, twitter, google+ or any other network, every share counts!


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