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Profit Explainer

This will explain how we use the money that we earn from affiliates and banner advertising. This site is no way made to make a living from it and want to give all profit for cancer research.

Affiliate Earnings

All affiliate earnings will be donated to cancer research and none of it will be kept for personal use since we only do this blog to help people earn more. So if the affiliate links would generate $100,000 a day all those would be given to cancer research.

Banner Advertising

Onlt 75% of the banner advertising earnings will be given to cancer research where the last 25% will be used on keeping the site up and maybe upgrading the server later on. Since all earnings will be in a crypto coin we made a coinpayments wallet just for earnings so we will keep site earnings and investments in two different accounts.

How does the site earn money?

The site earns money everytime you see the ads around on the site as well as clicking on the advertising banners. Affiliate earnings are different, some gives a few % and others give up to 50% but either way 100% of the affiliate earnings are used on testing sites and the rest is given to charity as well as the banner advertising.

Donations trough our donation system will give 75% of every donation to charity and the rest 25% to test new sites for you. So if 1 Bitcoin is donated 0.75 will be donated to charity and 0.25 is used to test new sites.

If you have any questions for this please feel free to contact us on admin@coininvestor.pw