We are now supporting Press Release for your crypto based company or project so you can get unlimited target traffic to your website for one price only. No monthly price, no CPM, no PTC just pure traffic on a post that we also will be sharing to the different social networks and search optimize it to max out the search traffic it will get to get you more traffic.

We get thousand of views every single day that could be a costumer or user of your crypto project and you can get all that unlimited for a one time price of Crypto that will help us upgrade and pay our server since this website is not hosted on a normal shared hosting account but an amazing and fast VPS.


250 words $5

500 words $10

1000 words $15

Unlimited words $30

Per image $0.5 (can be discussed if using a lot of images and 1000+ words)

Hosted Videos $5 (give more search traffic)

Youtube Video $1

You can see more and how to contact us at: https://coininvestor.pw/your-pr/

Press releases is also a good way to boost your SEO back linking so you can get higher search results on any search engine and gain way more traffic for your website and gain way more costumers.

If you wan’t you can include all the keywords you want to if not we will do some research on keywords to improve the result of press release.

Now why hosted videos and cost of images ? Well both of them could bring more traffic from searches since both are cached by search engines and can be showing in results. Also it will fill a lot on our server and a VPS only have so much SSD space and will have to upgrade it with time so it will have better speed and SSD Space.

Right now do the server cost $660/year if you just want to support the project you can always just send crypto to us.


ETH: 0x2B82322E3D7FC501D50432dc51A6d4965090282f

ETC: 0x2B82322E3D7FC501D50432dc51A6d4965090282f

LTC: Lcskc5ULiUXjnuxzej6nP4UexTrXLRVmHW

Zcash: t1cMhbtUQxBqBnm17XEunBEr9cW5H9Yhq5j

If other crypto please go to our donation page for a bigger range of donation options.


If you have a special request for your press release please feel free to contact us on email and lets talk about your needs. We useally reply within 12 hours a day between 9 am to 12 am GMT +1 also known as central EU time.


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