Saturday, February 16, 2019


This page will include all the tested sites we have gone trough on the investment area so you don't have to worry about being scammed and lose money with the different companies that come up all the time promising you the world but end up stealing your money. Nobody like those kind of people and we are fighting hard on finding the good sites for you.

Westland Storage


Westland Storage is a very old company from 2001 started in USA, they have just recently opened up for people being able to buy shares of the company by investing money into the company by buying square feet in the different houses, apartment, commence and logistic space and get paid 1% everyday of your invested amount for life. Just this year will Westland Storage pay out over 50 million dollars to its investors.


CryptoLux Banner

Cryptolux is one of the few company's working in trading with crypto and paying you back a little over 1% everyday for lending you money. If you do not have money to get started they allow you to lend up to $500 to get started with investing money. Their own token is on exchange already and is worth $4 each token and can be made from putting your money into cold storage.


Binance is your site to trade to earn profit. Since the start people have made over $100,000,000 worth of bitcoin. Binance is also the make of the binance coin that already have a network and can be exchanged. Binance let you trade with over 100 coins and tokens and give you a lot of options to earn money on trading!