Now and days it takes that you get verified to buy crypto with your debit/credit card and it takes a very long time and specially when you just want to get started with crypto. The company we will use in this do also have verification but its a automated system and only take between 5 to 60 mins to get verified compared to the 24 to 48 hours some sites takes.


Wirexapp is your system for you that will be able to spend your crypto in stores with the Pre-paid visa debit card that that you can get for free with wirexapp.

You will need to sign up for wirexapp and get verified with the system, just make sure that the information you send to them match the information that you have given them in your profile or it will fail the verification.

Now you are verified you need to add your credit/debit card to your account to get started and you can do that by clicking on any of the crypto wallets and then add funds to wallet.

On the next page it will allow you to add funds with crypto or debit / credit card and you will need to click on debit / credit card and then press on link card and add your visa/mastercard to your profile.

When you have added your card then go back to the page where you add funds to your wallet with your card and pick the amount you want to buy for and then pay and then you will have your very first crypto.

Notice there is a daily limit of 1000 euros or the equal amount in the valuta you chose for your system so if you want to buy for more money then you would need either to check our post on coinbase or go buy every single day to you reach your wanted amount.

Join Wirexapp here

Read about Coinbase here



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