At this point we still see experts saying that bitcoin will hit $40,000 in the end of december.

But i really have to ask what they have smoked and where to get some of it.

i’m not sure if they had a look at the market lately how it goes up and down and how it goes down so fast right before it hits $7000.

I would still say we wont see bitcoin hit more then between $7000 and $9500 with how its going now.

I still think that dogecoin will will be the biggest winner this year and early 2019 because of the merge with Ethereum network.

i would still recommend dogecoin over bitcoin because the earnings could be very big.

About the experts i think this is more of a wish then really knowing that the market would go up.

i know this is a very short post then normal, but i really had to say something about this but i promise you as soon as there is something like a good coin to invest in i will be back with a way longer post then this.


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