I still think that dogecoin would be the best investment to make right now with all the good things that is happening right now for dogecoin. Dogecoin have just been added to the SALT lending platform and the maker of dogecoin is working on being added to coinbase.

If dogecoin is to be added to coinbase it could be hit by the coinbase effect like the BAT token did and dogecoin already have grown over 400% this year alone after it was announced that it was merging network with ethereum.

All this give a good reason to buy dogecoin now because what if it made a growth of 1200% from coinbase and SALT in 2019 ? then you will sit there and think why the fuck did i not buy dogecoin when it was less then a cent for each dogecoin ?

if you used $6000 on buying dogecoin now it would be $72,000 if it was to grow 1200% in 2019 and i’m sure that a lot more services will be adding the coin in the future.

If you aren’t sure where to buy dogecoin right now you can always use Changelly to get your dogecoin and pay with your credit/debit or other crypto coins. Either way if you buy them now you will make profit no matter if it grows 200% or 1200%.

Places to buy dogecoin

Changelly – Join

Litebit – Join

Anycoin – Join

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