So some of you already know cryptobrowser and some of you may not. Cryptobrowser is a special made browser made by the company CryptoTab and allow you to mine bitcoin much faster then any mining software can do it.

Its easy to use and can easy give you between 150 and 400 H/s even with a bad CPU. This company have been paying since launch some time ago and is used by a lot of users. Cryptobrowser have a big affiliate system with up to 10 levels where you will gain a % that gets lower for each level so in the end you could have recruited enough users and they recruit users and so on that you could make a bitcoin or more every month.

Cryptobrowser have a very low payout of 0.00001 BTC and its an easy amount to reach alone so you can always get bitcoins somehow and just by letting your computer do all the work while you recruit more users with your affiliate link and grow your mining empire!

I have used CryptoBrowser since the start of the browser and even Cryptotab when it was all they had. You can easy use your computer and watch youtube videos without it will do any difference to your mining speed or what ever you normally do on your computer while you let it work in the background together with your affiliates.

Share with your friends and support charity with your CPU and work together with us!



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