So, this is not only great for HODL but also just for buying and selling your bitcoin for your investing  with Westland or other investing sites.

Coinbase is one of the biggest cloud wallets and exchange that nearly have been up since the start of crypto. When you have been verified on coinbase can you buy and sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum and ethereum classic with just a few clicks.

Coinbase give you a full overview of the amount you have in crypto as well as the growth of the price on the market for the different coins so you can see when to buy and when to sell your crypto.

With coinbase can you also connect your bank account and have  all your earnings transfered to your account with no problem at all.

Coinbase will also soon be adding more coins to the website so you soon can buy more different coins then the current 5 coins, but at this time its not really known what coins that will be added by coinbase with time.

I have personally used coinbase since i started dealing with crypto and investing and its been the fastest and best wallet i have ever used out of the many different wallets i have tested out since i started.

There is other good wallets out there for sure but yet i haven’t found any that is close to be like coinbase’s service where everything is just smooth and easy on the get go to do the things you need to do fast.

So now you know about coinbase and now i just want to take a little of your time to talk about how you can help with your crypto.

As you may know do donate most of its earnings to charities like cancer research, mental health issues and child helping services. If you happen to have some spare crypto then its a good time to go to our donation page and donate that crypto no matter how much, it all counts and help anyone who is in need.

We will do all the work and exchange to real cash and send it to the services every month. October is Cancer Research and we will do our best to donate to different orgs around the world to reach different country’s so please if you know the website of your country’s cancer research charity then leave it in a comment below this post and i will have a look at it and write it down for when donations will be rolled out to the different charities.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post and it would make us so happy if you also took your time to press one of the share buttons and help us grow this website and charity cause.


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