The past weeks time have bitcoin not moved above $6700 nor below $6400. For me it seams to have found a good place to settle before we hit 2019 and do not seem to go anywhere from its placement right now.

If and i mean IF we are lucky we might see that bitcoin will hit $7000 or a little over that but its only a hope that we wont see before it happens and for sure not 100% at this time this article is going up.

I would say if you need to invest in bitcoin while its below $7000 it should be now because i believe we will see it hit $10,000 when we get into 2019 after a few months.

Why do i think that it will grow that much ? Well its very simple a lot more shops are starting to take bitcoin as a payment and still growing everyday and with that said its not only bitcoin being accepted by stores since bitcoin cash, ethereum and Litecoin are also slowly being accepted by stores but not as much as bitcoin.

But remember this prediction is not 100% and can go wrong at any time so only invest the amount you can afford to lose in case that it will go wrong.

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