So many people trying to find a legit and good place to invest their money to earn a lot more money and try build a future for them self. There is no doubt the possibility earnings with Crypto is very high not only because how easy it is but also the value of the crypto currency. We have used some time to figure out the best possible ways to invest your coins and fiat coins.

With time we will post what kind of crypto you should set your bet on and invest on and today we will write about a place we have used for a while now and invested our crypto currency.

Today do you have your chance to become part of a trillion dollar market with your cryptocurrency or USD and get paid in crypto from your investment. We will later explain how and all that stuff.

The investment platform we have been using for a while now is Westland Storage, they are dealing with investments in real estate all over the world and giving you a lifetime of 1% everyday of the invested amount you put into the company. This company have helped people earning a good income from $2500 to $10000 a month no matter if you invest or gain them more investors.

You can read about people making $5000 from both being an investor and referral gainer. If you gain the company referrals can you always invest what you gain from the investors back into Westland Storage to start your self in case you can’t afford to invest at start.


Westland offer a lot of ways to earn and often make promotions where you can earn a lot more then you already did. This goes from investing where they sometimes give up to 10% more on your investment or referral beside the already 10% you get from the people you get into the company. That said do the company offer 3 levels of referral where you get 10% from who you get in and 3% from your partners referrals and 1% on the 3rd level, but to get from the 3rd level you need to “rank” up within the company by investing or make an amount from referrals.

You gain the first level by reaching $1000 on investing or referrals and the highest level takes $100,000 to reach so there is a long way to reach that but if you do it right you will reach it in no time. Each level ads 0.1% to your daily return so you can max your return up to 1.5% daily. The different levels comes with different perks and amount of % bonus for your next investment.

As we said earlier Westland allow you to earn money in a lot of different ways. One of them is the free bounty program where you just do some simple task like sharing to facebook or twitter and gain WLS tokens that you will gain a daily 0.1% of that you can get paid out in any crypto supported. You will automaticly gain more WLS tokens in the pool the more people you get to join you as a partner. Since 1 WLS Token is $1 you can gain a lot. Think if you have 1000 WLS tokens you would make 1 dollar a day extra from what you already are making.


The company is also good at making competitions for its members and often giving away between $25,000 and $100,000 in prices for the winners of the competitions. Also the company have a rating from its users that score 4.9/5 stars.


Anyway now to the important, what coins can you invest with ? But before that we would like to say its very hot to invest in dogecoin right now since the news of its network merge with ethereum and that made it go up with over 300% on a month.


Invest With




Bitcoin Cash




Advcash – USD


Ethereum Classic


As you can see above there is a lot of options to grow different coins. We would really recommend you to invest your dogecoin and as many as you can because if they become worth $1 then you could be very very rich when that happens.


We hope this have helped you a little on the way to invest and you would like to see more. We write a few times a week so please feel free to share this and visit our website now and then for more posts about investing!



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