Well you know that i have made a post about what sites mostly is going to scam you and what to look out for when investing into a site with your crypto coin. But what does it really take to make a living from a legit and real investing site ?

This data is taken out from using the site i use Westland Storage so it can be different from other investing sites. As you know Westland Storage give you 1% daily return of your investment into real estate company’s so the more money you put into real estate the bigger return will you get from Westland Storage every single day.

This is the Amounts needed for each coin to reach $8000 a month from Westland Storage so you know what you need to reach.

  • 3130 ETC
  • 150 ETH
  • 65700 XRP
  • 250 Zcash
  • 1900 NEO
  • 200 Dash
  • 7329314 DOGE
  • 583 LTC
  • 70 BCH
  • 5 BTC

The amounts above is rounded up numbers to make it a bit easier to invest your money but they will all in the end get you $8000 worth of the invested crypto every single month for life with Westland Storage so if you are one of them that managed to buy a lot of them while they where cheap or just own a lot of money and can afford to buy this amount then you should invest now and start making a good pension for your self.

Honestly not much work give you this much monthly and you can basically just lay in bed all day and get this money since Westland storage do all the work for you. All you need to do is pull out and reinvesst if you would like to earn more if not just pull out of Westland the earnings you make from your investment. i have already made a lot more then i invested at Westland Storage and just sharing this with you so you can get started investing your money and earn a lot more. You will for sure have doubled your investment after 200 days and have ROI after 100 days at Westland.

So what is your excuse not to get started investing into westland Storage or other investing sites that is legit ?

I know that you could always go the free way from Faucets but in the end that would take you years just to get $1 with most faucets and also one of the reasons i got my self into investing my money instead of using time on claiming every 5 mins just to make sure i will reach a good amount and get nothing done and no social life.

Investing with Westland storage would give you something else tho, you can invest a small amount like $20 and then go out and enjoy life while they do the work for you.

So are you ready to start making a living ? Then Click here to join today and invest!


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